Thursday, 28 May 2015

This week we ha to look after an egg thankfully he survived the whole week here is my egg diary my egg is called sir eggsalot.

TUESDAY- Today Sir Eggsalot arrived YAY!. He was a good boy for the day but when we got home he would not go to sleep.

1432071301452.1.jpgHere is a picture of him not going to sleep

He was so naughty that he had to go in the naughty corner|
1432071349161.8.jpg Him in the naughty corner
Today I was carrying sir eggsalot and i dropped him lucky it was on the beanbag. Today Bella.B’s egg died, sorry I don’t have any pictures
Today sir eggsalot’s friend died his name was eggtato, sir eggsalot was very sad
sorry I don’t have any pictures
Today was sir eggsalot’s last day he had survived the whole week YAY I hope he never dies
sorry I don’t have any pictures

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