Thursday, 28 May 2015

quick write

Quick Write
IALT: create a quick write that includes description through the use of complex sentences.
IALT: place a comma in the correct place when writing a complex sentence.
IALT: identify different types of complex sentences - Opener, serial and interupter.

IALT: use strong short sentences.

For writing this week we had to look at the picture above and write a descriptive piece of writing about why he's doing it and weather it's a sad or happy day and in the first paragraph we had to try set the scene it had to include complex sentences and short powerful. here is mine.

The feel of freedom

As I step on to the old wooden jetty,  my heart pounds. I slip off my shoes. I can hear the splish splosh of the waves against the beach down below me. I look over to see tall buildings, yachts and seagulls staring hopelessly at me. I think to myself, “What am I doing? This could be dangerous.”

I clamber onto the rustic barrier. Adrenaline rushing through my body. I reach the top. I brace myself, bend my knees, push, stretch. I feel the freedom,my arms trail behind me. Then I say to myself “I am going to be free before the sea meets me”. Suddenly my hands reach the water , and at the speed of lightning I’m in the water.

When I finally come up I’m gasping for breath, I had done it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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