Thursday, 28 May 2015

My foul shot

My foul shot

In writing this week we have been looking at the poem foul shot. We had to make our own won we had to use capital letters on each line, record each action on each line, no unnecessary words and use strong action words. 

Girl and pony are five strides away
Jump set at a 1.15m is in there way of winning
She urges her pony on
Saying “You can do it just one jump”
Then with one final kick
The pony gathers her hindquarters
The girl throws herself forward
Slides her hands up her pony’s neck

Her pony's hindquarters clip the pole
The girl holds her breath
The pole
Plays it coy

And then
                    And then
                                        And then

Just before falling
The pole stays put
The girl gives the pony a big sweaty pat.
They did it.


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